Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Children Are Encouraged To Take Plain Water.

Set a good example for your child by drinking plain water.

Children often think of their parents as an example and the best example to follow, so it's no wonder they often imitate their parents' actions and habits.

For example, parents are addicted to coffee, so their children tend to enjoy coffee and that habit may continue into adulthood.

Therefore, it is good for parents to set a good example in front of their children and one of them is the habit of drinking empty water.

This is because it is important for us to drink between six and eight glasses of water daily for physiological functions in the body, regulating body temperature and the process of excretion.

In fact, plain water also protects organs and tissues in the human body.

Set an example for your child by bringing water bottles to work.

Adequate intake of water can prevent children from dehydration that can cause disruption to the cognitive system, impair cardiovascular function, reduce the ability to perform daily activities and disrupt the body's temperature control system as well as disrupt the balance of fluid or water in the body.

Often your child is prone to sweating as a result of activities such as playing and running.

Therefore, adequate water content in the body is necessary to help the excretion system effectively remove waste from the body.

If your child suffers from water shortage, his or her kidneys may have to work harder to filter out toxic substances and may eventually cause kidney damage.

The following is a guide to increasing the daily intake of empty water for your child:

1. Prepare a watering table and give it to your child so that they do not forget to drink empty water.

2. Control your child from consuming sugary and carbonated drinks to avoid unnecessary calories.

3. Encourage your child to drink plenty of plain water.

4. Make sure plain water is always available and easy to take home.

5. Supply empty water to school.

6. Children should be reminded to drink empty water without feeling thirsty.

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