Sunday, December 8, 2019

World Of Panda

Known as a natural habitat for panda species and has a long history of over 3,000 years. It is also one of the three most popular cities in western China.

Chengdu, which is the capital of the Sichuan province, is well-known for its technology and economic research. From a regional economic perspective, Chengdu is placed in the 'Beta +' category by the World Urban Research and Globalization Network, which is defined as a promising economic development.

In terms of geography, Chengdu is very rich in stunning scenery and has a mild temperate climate and no wonder it is the ideal location for panda's natural habitat.

In fact, it is one of four locations in China that has four seasons and visitors need to plan whether to visit winter when the temperature reaches 5 degrees Celsius or to choose spring, autumn and summer.

A close-up view of the capital city of Chengdu shows the skyscraper in the nick of 'financial city'. 

The author had the opportunity to visit Chengdu while attending Huawei International Innovation Day and while stepping on the Chengdu International Airport, the cold weather and occasional breeze.

Tracing the exit from the airport to the city center, the author can see many skyscrapers to the left and right, in addition to matching Chengdu's other nickname, one of the most important 'financial cities' for China.

The main attraction in Chengdu is of course the Giant Panda Research Center and the author has to board a tour bus about 40 minutes from the location of the Waldorf Astoria International Hotel located in the Wuhou district.

The Giant Panda Research Center is a major attraction for foreign and local tourists. 

The research center was operational about 30 years ago and was opened to the public in 1993. At that time, the center had only six pandas rescued and expanded to 124 in 2008 and to date, the number has continued to increase.

Admission tickets cost only about RM35 or in Chinese currency around 58 Yuan and visitors can choose to ride the electric car around the center or walk.

However, the author chose to take a walk because at that time, the weather around Chengdu was cold and overcast, and wanted to enjoy the natural beauty of the center.

Natural LANDSCAP Giant Panda Research Center. 

The location features several adult pandas, a panda breeding location, a newborn monitoring center and a public viewing area for visitors who want to see the animals play in the park.

Visitors are expected to come to the center at 8am as the panda will start their bedtime around 11am and spend the rest of the day sleeping.

The time taken by the authors to visit each part of the research center is about three hours, but visitors with young children must spend a considerable amount of time and the recommended visit time is around five hours.

The DOOR enters the research center which is a mandatory location if visitors visit the capital of Chengdu. 

An interpreter audio set is also available for visitors who choose a tour package with the guide and will provide a description of each section of the research center and panda-related information.

When traveling to a country people will definitely want to buy a gift, souvenir or souvenir symbol. The most convenient location in Chengdu for all these items is to visit Jinli Ancient Street.

This location is unique in that the author can choose the souvenir of choice and approach ancient buildings decorated with ancient architecture.

The route stretches about 550 meters to the Marquis Temple with the structure of the building during the Qing Dynasty. It thus gives an impression of the ancient atmosphere to writers or visitors who wish to revisit the ancient dynasty.

Not to mention Chengdu is also known for its spicy cuisine and for Muslim visitors, there is a wide selection of foods from spicy noodles to fish or meat based foods.

The authors also feel that Chengdu is among the Muslim-friendly locations as there are various food options besides interesting places to visit.

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